A Day of Discovery, Wonder and Healing
Though the Lens of Myofascial Release and Aufstellung (Family Constellation)

Our bodies contain our history triggering our biography to become our biology. The fascial system holds the vibrational patterns of our attitudes and beings. Come explore with us through Myofascial Release and Aufstellung on how to balance and promote the flow of energy and release habitual patterns which lead to pain or illness.


There is no substitute for touch. Experience the effects of Myofascial Release Therapy by sensing intuitively the body’s ability to self-heal. We will guide you through specific myofascial release practices designed to help release the entire myofascial complex reaching the collagenous barrier-where the true healing begins. These practices may help eliminate your pain and energize your body to enhance your healing journey. Myofascial Release Therapy evolved to bring you back to your natural state.


One of the profound attributes of Aufstellung is its ability to look back

in time. Aufstellung is a representational process designed to release inherited traumas and create space for forward movement in one's life.  Often described as a waking dream, the configuration captures the essence of our respective purposes for incarnating and provides insights and tools to bring us through blockages and discover the gift behind the dark cloud.

Learn More About Aufstellung and Family Constellations
WhenSaturday November 4, 2017    10am-3pm (1 hour break for lunch)
Where: House of Aum Yellow Springs, Ohio
Who: All Are Welcome
Cost: $85.00
Contact: House of Aum at 937-532-5467 or www.house-of-aum.com to sign-up
 Space is Limited

Beverly J. Welbourne

Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies

Beverly J. Welbourne is an outstanding representative of new, energy-based wellness modalities, who works with her clients to co-create optimal health through self-awareness.   She brings a broad and far-sighted perspective to the table, frequently working where the solution is not obvious. Beverly travels the globe in search of the newest and most effective energy-based, holistic modalities, to bring back to the Cincinnati area, in order to serve the community in which she lives. Beverly has been facilitating aufstellung for seventeen years in the Cincinnati area, helping hundreds of people with issues around relationships, career, psychosocial conditions etc., and now brings her passion for this work to your doorstep in Yellow Springs.

Patti Mielziner

MFRT, BioMechanics Specialist

Patti Mielziner has been studying, educating and training people on functional movement since 1994. Patti has an expert eye to see where her clients’ structures are out of balance and alignment to find where the fascial restrictions and compensations exist. Combining Myofascial Release Therapy and Movement Training, Patti guides her clients to find their own power and awareness of their body’s profound capabilities. Her clients seek her guidance for chronic pain, athletic injuries/performance, and repetitive stress injuries. Through Body Wisdom, Patti has led workshops on Myofascial Release and the Power of Posture. She has also facilitated Visioning Ceremonies for the House of Aum. Patti practices Myofascial Release Therapy and Functional Training in Yellow Springs Ohio and Sausalito California.

Julie Pies


Julie Pies has 25 years experience and is an expert Myofascial Release Therapist. She has a unique style of deep listening and intuitive hands. She takes you under her wing to empower and inspire you. Julie specializes in Chronic pain and Women’s health issues. She has worked with John F. Barnes, PT, at his Sedona Therapy on the Rocks myofascial release clinic and assists John F. Barnes’ Myofascial Release Seminars throughout the country. Through Body Wisdom she has lead myofascial release workshops for Antioch College and Wright State University and has also led Visioning Ceremonies for the House of Aum. She currently practices Myofascial Release Therapy in Yellow Springs Ohio and Sausalito California.

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